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The ascendant is the zodiacal sign and degree that is ascending on the eastern horizon at the Thus astrologers believe that the ascendant signifies a person's awakening consciousness, in the same way that . In the northern hemisphere, the signs of Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini take much less time than .
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Aries just gets a bad rap, really. I didn't behave selfishly until I started to lose confidence by believing all the trash that gets talked about Aries. Internalized the hate that gets spread about this sign. That was when I experienced the selfish part Before that, I was just strong, confident, independent, and willing to love freely.

My son is Aries rising. I always feel it is the main thing that saves him from his otherwise Scorpionic gloom and tendency to moodiness You make an interesting point about "internalizing the hate", Lonestar. I don't know if this is a possible influence of my Ascendant being on the cusp between Pisces and Aries, but I've always had a sort of martyr complex in this regard; if others expect me to behave in a certain matter, I'll either completely reject their expectations and act in the opposite matter or just "give them what they want" while feeling victimized by their expectations.

I don't think an Aries Ascendant always has the effect of "lightening someone up;" I have a first house Aries stellium consisting of my natal Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus, and I've carried a heavy burden of responsibility through my entire life; this may only apply to a heavily afflicted Aries stellium, though. Remember that Arians often feel the impulse and the desire to be first in all things and they can literally burn themselves out if they continue down such a path; others often look to them for leadership and guidance because they appear to be brimming with confidence. Again, this is not necessarily true either, particularly with an Aries Ascendant; remember that the Ascendant is simply the mask we wear, the filter through which we see the world, and it is not necessarily indicative of our true selves, although I believe even a mask or a filter serves a role in this.

I am continually frustrated by how others regard Arians as possessing some inability to experience deep emotions; they only believe us capable of childlike expressions of anger and frustration. This has always been an insult to me because there are often other factors in a natal chart which can tell a completely different picture, such as an emphasis upon water signs or a prominent Moon.

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Yet even if these signs are not evident, I do not believe the Aries archetype in itself is insensitive, for it hides its sensitivity behind a mask of confidence and bravado. Remember that individuals with Aries Ascendants often have Pisces in the twelfth house or even ruling the twelfth house cusp. To me, this indicates that we hide our emotions because we fear that they will be our undoing--that if we express great sensitivity and compassion to others, they will tear us apart. I do not deny that this post is expressing the "me versus them" mentality, which figures quite prominently in the Arian consciousness.

Arians have to be this way to some extent because they are the pioneers, exploring uncharted and often dangerous lands; thus, they often have little or no direction from those who have come before them. They may secretly embody feelings of loneliness and mistrust in their belief that the only one whom they can truly trust is themselves; this belief may be inherent within them or may have developed gradually throughout their lives. I do believe that the destiny of those with prominent Aries influence in their natal charts is to stand alone, or ideally, to be at ease within themselves so that no other company is necessary.

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Also keep in mind that natal charts early Aries Ascendants often have the signs correspond with their natural houses; this is called a "natural chart. However, this pattern can be interrupted by intercepted and duplicate signs. Last edited by Arian Maverick; at PM. My daughter is an Aries rising Pisces sun - interestingly Pisces is intercepted in the 12th house.

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It definitely adds energy to her personality and she is a little whirlwind in public. I think it suits her well - helps her to hold her own with her older brother who is an Aries sun Scorpio rising. Just curious about Aries Rising and the way you walk. Its said that Aries Rising tends to walk with head down, shoulders forward, fast pace At a young age this was defiantely me.


Now, its extremely rare to catch this walking behaviour from me, I may tend to this when alone and in a hurry.. Like walking through the mall for example. Yet, still very rare to catch me walking like such. Now I walk head held high, broad shoulder, up right stature. Do you have a tendancy to "tense" up? Tags aries , rising Thread Tools. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. Contact Us - AstrologyWeekly. Boards' structure and all posts are property of AstrologyWeekly.

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Moulin Senior Member. Join Date: Nov Posts: 1, Find all posts by Moulin. Join Date: Feb Location: under violet sky Posts: Join Date: Nov Posts: We should not forget to mention that some disorders that can happen especially when Jupiter is involved with hard aspects are connected with gaining weight and overeating. Jupiter, even if is generally a benefic, can cause troubles to Cancer Ascendant people by heightening furthermore their appetite and expanding their stomach.

Always have in mind that any planet present near the Ascendant point will definitely alter both the physical appearance and the characteristics of the native. We could say that in the first 10 degrees of the first house it will have the strongest influence on the Ascendant, while also the last 5 degrees of the 12th house. To understand better your body, your Ego and how they function you should analyze all those planetary influences.

This is why knowing your Ascendant does not necessarily mean jumping to correct conclusions about your life. You can use our free natal chart generator , in order to understand better not only your Rising Sign but also any possible planets that are present near it. Also, do not forget to pay attention to your natal Moon placement, so that you discover the functions of your chart ruler and how it will affect your life and priorities.

Finally, do not forget to read the article about natal Moon in the 1st house, as it has many similarities to having Cancer as your Ascendant. Do not forget to like our Facebook Page and join our Astrology Community Facebook Group , where you can take part in conversations and vote about next articles to be written! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. I know alot of brown- and darkskinned from all over the world that has cancer asc. Please keep that into consideration when writing these articles which are really good and educational. But keep in mind that human beings comes in all shapes and skin color. We do have Caucasian higher up in our lineage but it was always a puzzle to me that the very light color suddenly appeared. When I read the passage above, I finally understood how it came to be you know, in addition to learning about recessive genes. Must be NICE way up there on that pedestal.