Eclipse february 19 2020 horoscope

Cafe Astrology reports on the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse: when they occur. 15 Sagittarius Annular SOLAR Eclipse June 21 0 Cancer
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March 17, March 28, April 7, April 19, April 29, May 10, May 20, June 1, June 11, June 22, July 3, September 12, Should you feel the need to socialize this evening, order takeout and make it a house party. La luna also shines a supportive beam on family matters. Not in that mode? Take all precautions for the coming four weeks.

Flap those social butterfly wings, Scorpio.

Though you typically love any excuse to stay within the private confines of your home, this invigorating influence wants you to step out of your comfort zone. Ride this courageous wave and make new friends.

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Start scouting! Focus on your finances today, as a rare lunar eclipse in Capricorn powers up your money corner. Draw up a personal budget and brainstorm ways to increase and protect your revenue streams.

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  5. If a new skill set could increase your earning potential, sign up for a continuing ed class in that area. Been working hard on a major project? Your efforts could earn you a big payday sometime in the next two weeks. Pop the Veuve! And if one of your major dreams recently came true, let the world know! Draft that victorious Facebook post or summon the squad for celebratory drinks. Is it time to cut your losses and move on?

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    Today, as the Capricorn lunar eclipse sends a current through your twelfth house of completions, you may be forced to confront a difficult situation. Are you having a hard time extracting yourself from a toxic dynamic? End the situation compassionately and open your heart to the next chapter. These moonbeams could awaken your activism. This eclipse empathizes work and health. Sagittarius people love their freedom so it is a perfect time to plan yourself to travel, be with friends, do outdoors activities and things that make you feel alive.

    Therefore, because the Moon is passing through Capricorn it means that it is a moment to try to stay focused and emotional balanced. Capricorn tends to be more impulsive, strict and serious while Cancer is a lot more relaxed and sensible while dealing with all the changes and news that comes with the eclipse.

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    Meditation is the key. During the eclipse season , we had the opportunity to activate the potential of five of these events three solar eclipses and two lunar , which will take place in January, July and December. As astrological phenomena, eclipses are considered thresholds, which mark the beginning or end of a situation, the relationship with masculine and feminine energies, which can have both individual and collective repercussions.

    However, an energy footprint characterizes each planetary movement. By knowing what type of eclipse it will be solar or lunar , and the zodiac sign in which it will occur, general indications can be obtained regarding the available vibrations, thanks to the event.

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    Keep in mind that the effects of the eclipses of the Sun can be felt for periods of up to six months or more, while the sequels of the eclipses of the Moon , remain for about three months. As already mentioned, in there will be five eclipses three solar and two lunar , during the months of January, July and December. These astrological events will take place under the influence of Capricorn , Leo and Cancer.

    The first eclipse of will have the energy of the sign of the Goat. We talk about defining the objectives to be developed this year, and how to channel efforts make your actions visible.

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    Additionally, it will touch on the relationship with authority figures, and how you project yourself in that position. The second eclipse of will close the cycle that began on August 11, , with the Partial Eclipse of the Sun in Leo. It is oriented to the impulse of creative projects, personal growth taking advantage of your talents , and the intention of forming a family.