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I was reflecting on how many words with a Saturn theme start with DE. This is the Latin root meaning "without. Deadbeats, Deadbolts, Debunk. Saturn is boundaries, limits and the ticking of time. Time is God. Time our most precious resource. Saturn rules karmic contracts which is why he is in his highest power in the sign of Libra Justice.

He's currently transiting his home turf sign of Capricorn since and will have his alchemical marriage with the God of the Underworld in a mere 90 days from now. Well a little more --January 12 to be exact. We are all preparing for this powerful inner marriage of the two Gods of Death and Destruction.

Saturn works in concrete every day, real time terms. Pluto works from the Underground on a soul level. Imagine these two coming together. No wonder I am constantly dehydrated and parched since I mean this can surface on so many levels. How are you feeling it? Are you ready for serious planetary medicine, balance and healing? P-7 Planetarium starts tomorrow w Day One Thursday! We delve into the 7 rays, 7 planetary energies, 7 chakras over 7 incredibly magical days. We'll be using this time to balance, rejuvenate, restore, and focus through herbal work, dreams, tarot, astrology, rituals, meditations, and journaling.

The Sun is moving through the graceful constellation of Libra inviting us to achieve balance, harmony and better relationships. Mercury is not retrograde and teaching us to see the other person's point of view in Libra. Venus is returning to the evening sky in her Hesperus phase in her home constellation of Libra.

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The potential for beauty, love and healing are on the rise. Mars is also in the constellation of justice, balance and karmic contracts. Jupiter is lit in his home turf of "more, more, more" Sagittarius inspiring us to elevate our consciousness, seek sources of wisdom and adventure. Last but not least, Saturn continues through his home turf of Capricorn teaching us integrity, authority, patience, and a deep reverence for time. The planets are revealing a deep story from fear, shame and self-doubt to strength, perseverance and self-possession. We can draw from the deepest wells of our psyches and drop our most entrenched and archaic emotional defenses as we move from Fear to Love.


Sherene Vismaya Sherene Vismaya Schostak and Katelan Foisy invite you to join us on this 7 day journey to help shift those vibrations and move closer to your goals. We can't wait to see you there!!

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Thank goddess the Moon is waxing again and heading towards a sweet tryst with Venus next! The dark Moon was trapped between Mars and the Sun. Recalibration in Relationships and all things requires the artful grace and balance of Libra. I sherenevismaya tossed and turned around 4am think Do any of these ring true for you too?

And speaking of balance, the next and last P7 of starts in just 4 days—October 2nd! Starts OCT 2nd. We need time to slow down and process the powers of the planets.

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There is so much powerful energy to awaken, rise and grow. Seven is the alchemical number of deep transformation. P-7's take you deep in this deceptively short period of time where mountains are moved and lives are changed, deepened and made magic. Planetarium is a 7-day online ritual immersion program created to restore balance within the body and psyche. With guided meditations, rituals, videos, herbal remedies and resources we will break through the obstacles we place on ourselves including insecurity, physical blocks, and fears, to clear the way for success.

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Aligning these 7 rays of the psyche creates doorways to turn dreams into realities while allowing us to choose healthier lifestyles, partners, and shifting mindsets so we become problem solvers instead of overthinking or falling into patterns and blocks. For more info and to sign up go to www. New Moon in Libra coming this Saturday!! The sign of Justice, Balance and Karmic Accounting. How to prepare!

Check it out!! These wounds go all the way back to his childhood. Nancy Pelosi sun in Aries also opposes his Chiron.

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Expect toddler behavior and hysterical fits from him for the next few months. It will only get more intense as Saturn moves in to oppose his natal Saturn in The end is NEAR.

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Equinox Blessings! The Harvest. The day to celebrate our accomplishments and personal growth. All of the personal planets are currently Direct, propelling us forward toward our dreams and potential at mind-blowing speed. We need time to slow down and process the resonance of the planets.

Seven is the alchmeical number of deep transformation. Get ready for a deep dive into the Seven Personal Planets in a true alchemical immersion integrating body-psyche-soul.

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