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Read your Scorpio Love Horoscope for today for daily advice on romance, relationships, and compatibility.
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Last name. First name. Yearly predictions ratings:. Scorpio Scorpio love horoscope Scorpio career horoscope:. Scorpio compatibility in Best month:. Worst month:. What's in store for Scorpio?

Escorpio Weekly Horoscope

Astrology rating:. You are feeling amazing! Your heart will explode with love. There's an important decision to make. Fight for your rights. An old flame will reappear. Relationships are progressing.

Work on your communication. Your confidence is sky high! Time to take your relationship further. Follow your dreams. Success is just around the corner. Very good season for those born under this sign in the workplace, especially for those who devote yourself to sales or public relations. While the new ventures would be great to make your finances grow, also the opportunity to improve professionally during some type of training, you would be presenting during these days.


Take advantage of it. The Arcane who will rule you during this week will be Los Enamorados.

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With regard to the sentimental field, you will have the opportunity to get an opportunity to have a stable relationship with someone who might seem difficult for you in different situations. On the other hand, those who already have a partner, you should be careful and careful with the movements, since the temptation to be unfaithful will be within reach of your hands. But be aware that the 31st will deliver Mercury retrograde and it might throw a wrench in your financial plans. A word to the wise: put your money aside for a rainy day. Scorpio: Start October out quietly, dear Scorpio.

Three planets resting in your 12th house as the month kicks off will set the perfect stage for a retreat.

Scorpio Tarot Card

Step away from the grind. Avoid drama. Let others have the spotlight. Your time will come before the month is out.

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Mercury enters your sign on the 3rd, and with it comes an ability to express your self beautifully. Your ruler Pluto is also direct on this day, giving you the confidence to deliver bold ideas. If there was ever a time to impress folks with your ingenuity, this is it. Mars in your 12th house on the 4th is excellent for taking care of matters behind the scenes or working on top-secret projects.

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Eyes start to point in your direction when Venus slips into your sign on the 8th. Suddenly, the attention begins to turn, especially on the romantic front.

Let your inner flirt come out to play! This is also an excellent transit for updating your look.

Buy some new duds and visit the stylist for a fresh trim. The Full Moon on the 13th brings closure to a work situation. Or a project may come to a conclusion, freeing you up to explore new avenues. The Sun in your sign on the 23rd signals your birthday month has begun. Now you can step out of the shadows and stand firmly in the limelight. The New Moon on the 27th is your green light to start a new chapter. Whatever intentions you set on this day are going to shift your life in exciting directions. Mercury retrograde strikes on Halloween, leading to three weeks of public gaffes and missteps.

If you are running for office or trying to get some attention to your cause, a wrong word could prove fatal to your mission. Sagittarius: As the holiday season begins to creep in, invitations are already coming your way, dear Sagittarius. An active 11th house ensures your October will be more social than usual so get your Halloween costume ready and have fun! Secrets are revealed when Mercury enters your 12th house on the 3rd.

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Pluto will be direct on the same day. If your finances have been stalled, essential changes are on the way. You might be able to update your budget or find new ways to attract more cash. Keep in mind that you cannot be too carefree just yet. Saturn demands that you manage your moolah wisely for the rest of the year. Mars will zoom into your 11th house on the 4th, which could indicate more activities with your buddies.

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Dancing all night? Heading out for a weekend in Vegas? Yes, please! Do note that this transit of Mars can sometimes bring arguments with friends too. If you sense a storm is brewing, step back. Discussions with pals during a Mars transit can go sideways fast. Is it worth ruining a friendship? Secret trysts are possible when Venus arrives in your 12th house on the 8th. If anything comes out in the open, your reputation could take a hit — especially when Mercury is retrograde at the end of the month! The Full Moon on the 13th brings closure around an old romance.

Cut the cords, set yourself free. Put rest on the agenda when the Sun slides into your 12th house on the 23rd. This will recharge your batteries.